Run, Bucket, Run

What is this?

Run, Bucket, Run is a Bitbucket FileView add-on that renders your code as a platform game. You can play it below, using it's own source code.

Or, you can install it on your own Bitbucket account and view any source file on Bitbucket as a platform game!


  1. Click this link to install the add-on on your Bitbucket account.
  2. Select Run, Bucket, Run from the File Viewer menu on any text file.
File View dropdown

Additional info

Run, Bucket, Run was developed by @kannonboy. The awesome music and sound was written and produced by @MattPettersen.

You can read more about how the add-on is built (and how you can build your own!) over at the Atlassian developer blog.

The add-on source code is available on Bitbucket.